cabang branch
cabar to defy
cabul vulgar
cabut to pull out
cabut buhu to run away
cabutan draw/extract
cacar smallpox
cacat disabled
cacat akal mentally disabled
cacat cela defect
cacing worm
cadang intend
cadang propose/suggestion
cadangan suggestion/proposal
cadangan proposal
caj charge
calon candidate
campur mix/plus
candu opium
canggih sophisticated/fantastic
cangkir cup
cangkol hoe
cangkuk hook
cantum to join
capot pouch
capot the teabag
cara ngan-ningan to act recklessly
cari gali oil exploration
carum to contribute
caruman contributor
cas charge
cat paint
cat minyak oil paint
cat umon watercolour
catur chess
cawangan branch
cawat loincloth
cegah prevent
cek  cheque
cek bipalang crossed cheque
cek kilambung bounced cheque
cek kusong blank cheque
cek milawat traveller's cheque
cek tunai cash cheque
ceker alert
cemburu jealous
cemerlang excellent
cendekiawan intellectual
cenderahati souvenir
cenderamata souvenir
cengkih clove
cepat quick
cerdik smart/intelligence
cerdik smart
cereka fiction
cerewet fussy
cergas  agility
cergas  active
ceria (rindu asung) cheerful
cermat careful
cermin mirror
cermin betuh glasses
cermin betuh bihis sunglasses
chabi/sahbi chilli
chalet chalet
chamah image
chamay seedling
champak chicken pox
charta chart
chelak red
chelak bundug maroon
chelak jambu pink
chelak jewi/pedah jewi to blush
chelak tuuh dark red
chelup to sponge
cheri cherry
chilaka hell
chinagar to mortgage
chinalon to nominate
chinampur to mix
chinese sina/cina
chip chip
chis cheese
chok chalk
chopet duit pickpocket
christian christian
christmas christmas
chuchut sucking
chuke tax
chuke tana land assessment tax
chumet chubby
cina/sina chinese
cinabut to be uprooted/extracted
cinacar to vaccinate
cinadang/ncadang to suggest/to recommend/to nominate
cinantum tp join together
cinegah to prevent
cinta love
ciri-ciri keusahawanan entrepreneurial qualities
cirita story
coklat brown
coklat susu milk chocolate
conteng to scribble
corak design
cuba nasip to try one's luck
cuci wash
cuka vinegar
cuka putek formic acid
cukup enough
Cuma/saja only
cun perfect
cun accurate
cundong diagonal
cuntoh example
cuntohneh for example
curiga suspicious
konselor chancellor

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